CanDoCup - Blue


Research shows that the next transition from breast and/or bottle is to learn to drink from an open cup at age 1.

The CanDoCup helps with learning this ability and has the following unique features:

  • The ergonomic patented shape helps the child to hold the cup easily
  • The 3 legs assures an easy grip and stability in hand and on the table
  • It has a inward curing lip which prevents spilling and assures that not too much liquid is inserted at once. This will stimulate the learning to sip inseatd of the earlier suck and swallow response.
  • The third leg helps the parent to learn the child how to drink from an open cup
  • Strong and safe material (BPA ad phthalate free). Tested om all required REACH, CE and safety norms.

Our Product #: 186110

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