Red Castle | Cocoonababy Cocoonababy Spare Fitted Sheet - Fleur de Coton, Powder Pink

  Recommended Age: 0-3 months (up to 4 months)

Fitted sheet in pink, made of soft Fleur de Coton material, designed for the ergonomic Cocoonababy infant mattress by the French brand Red Castle. The sheet is intended for the Cocoonababy mattress, which creates a cozy nest, imitating the conditions from the mother's womb, thus improving the quality and length of the child's sleep. It keeps the baby in a semi-fetal position, like in a cocoon. It reduces the Moro reflex and relieves the symptoms of gastric reflux. The delicate sheet was made of the extremely soft Fleur de Coton material, which was made of a combination of knitted fabric and cotton. The sheet is part of the elegant layette collection of the French brand Red Castle.


  • Material - 100% cotton Fleur de coton
  • Type - Pillow case
  • Color - Pink
  • Age: 0+

Our Product #: 187448

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