• ELC Wooden Dominoes

ELC Wooden Dominoes

  Recommended Age: 1 year+


My First Dominoes are made from sturdy wood, so they're also fun to stack up like building blocks.

Features and Benefits for ELC Wooden Dominoes

  • A simpler version of the classic dominoes game
  • Made from sturdy wood, so they're also fun to stack up and sort like building blocks
  • 18 double sided wooden dominoes
  • One side features colourful animal faces
  • Traditional dominoes on the other side
  • with a re-usable storage bag to keep all your domino pieces safe.
  • Great size for little hands

Want To Know More?
A simple version of the classic dominoes game on one side so younger players will enjoy talking about all the different animals and matching up their faces and colours. includes 6 different colourful and vibrant animals. Or turn over for the traditional dominoes when you are more confident! 
Lay all of the dominoes out face down (if you are playing the animals game, then place the animals face down). Each player chooses four dominoes, and the remaining dominoes are left face down to be drawn if a player cannot take a turn.
The youngest player starts the game by placing down a domino; the players then take it in turns to lay down a domino that matches to one of the animals/dots in play. If you are unable to lay one of your dominoes down, you must pick up another domino from the remaining pile or miss a turn if there are no more left. The first player to place down all of their dominoes is the winner!

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