• Milton Solo Travel Steriliser - 1.25L

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser - 1.25L

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Unique Safety Vent Technology
An innovative pop-up safety vent allows some pressure to form inside the Solo. When enough steam is generated the vent pops up to gently release the pressure. This means more heat is created inside Solo which, in turn, means better sterilisation and maximum protection for your baby.

For travel, overnight stays or days out
Convenient to sterilise a single bottle whenever you need it.

Fast and Easy
Sterilises in just 2 minutes in the microwave or 15 minutes with cold water.

100% watertight
No risk of spills - perfect to pop in your change bag.

Stays Sterile for longer
Whether you use the cold water or microwave method, you can be sure the contents stay sterile for 24 hours - either kept in the Milton Sterilising Solution or left in the unopened microwaved Milton Solo.

Now you can clean and sterilise soothers when you're out and about. This 100% watertight steriliser is the latest must-have for every mum. It comes in a range of colours and can be easily attached to your buggy or bag.

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