GOO.N Diapers XL 42s



GOO.N preserves the precious skin of your baby, from their first moments through their transition to potty training. Each active, healthy childhood is filled with unexpected surprises. GOO.N soft and gentle products promote clean, healthy skin, moment to moment. You can trust your baby's skin is dry and protected.

GOO.N Diapers are ultra dry + ultra soft!

  1. The ultra-dry embossed top sheet ensures a dry surface, as it directs moisture away from your baby's bottom. This feature also limits / prevents leaks from the nappy back towards baby skin.
  2. Our structure incorporates a soft, fluffy, vitamin E infused texture, and a unique 3D shape, to reduce direct skin contact and avoid irritation.
  3. As your baby grows and moves, our coverage meets your needs, with shirred waists and sides for sizes M, L, and XL. Your babies will feel freedom of movement and support for their full range of motion as their bodies develop.
  • Ultra-Dry Embossed Sheet
  • Soft & Dry Outer Mesh Sheet
  • 3D Shape Texture & Vitamin E
  • 14 Different Animal Designs
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Breathable Backing
  • Deodorizing Effect

GOO.N Diapers NB 90s - Up to 11 lb (Up to 5 kg)
GOO.N Diapers SM 84s - 9-18 lb (4-8 kg)
GOO.N Diapers MD 64s - 13-24 lb (6-11 kg)
GOO.N Diapers LG 54s - 20-31 lb (9-14 kg)
GOO.N Diapers XL 42s - 27-44 lb (12-20 kg)