Herobility Eco Sippy Cup - Pink 210ml 6m+

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Our Eco Sippy Cup is a great choice when it’s time for your baby to start drinking from a cup. The eco-friendly plant-based material and cute design make it a perfect accessory to any table. With several included options, it can be used in several ways to support your child’s every stage of development. Use the sippy cup with the included straw to make it a straw cup. Remove the no-spill valve for a faster flow, or to help your little beginner figure out there’s liquid in the cup at all. Thanks to the snap-on lid and smooth edges, you can easily transform it into a drinking glass with handles, just by taking off the lid entirely.


  • Detachable lid and smart straw - Small details make it easy to use your eco-friendly Sippy Cup in a variety of ways. Use it as a drinking glass with handles, a regular sippy cup, or a straw cup using the straw hidden under the lid.
  • Grip friendly for small hands - Ergonomically designed handles for small hands, it’s easy to hold and use. Even for a sippy cup-beginner.
  • Made with plant-based material - Our Eco-line is made with corn. The cornstarch is extracted after those parts of the corn that can be used for food is taken care of. The cornstarch is then transformed into bioplastic. While growing, corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, which helps to reduce global warming. It can be recycled back to nature through industrial composting – ask your local recycling station for advice.

Care instructions: Do not boil, or in other way expose the product to temperatures above 90°C/194°F, since materials may become misshaped or deformed. Dishwasher safe in the top rack at maximum 60°C. Note that there may be small variations in the color of your product. A soft marbling effect is normal and does not affect the function or hygiene of the product.