The Humble Co. Humble Brush Kids Toothbrush - White


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Humble Brush – the world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush for kids. Humble Brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. The bristles are made of nylon-6 bristles from Dupont. The packaging is eco-friendly, the box and inside wrapper are made from recycled materials, and can be thrown out with the organic trash.

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo, nylon. FSC and VEGAN certified.

HOW TO USE: Bamboo is a material that will keep best when stored dry. The Humble Co. recommends that you keep your toothbrush in an open-air toothbrush holder or other dry area. Use a towel to dry after use. Dentist recommend you to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.

The bristles and the handle should be disassembled for proper disposal. The bristles can be recycled as plastics after being easily removed from the head with pliers. Doing so will remove a small metal staple that is used to clamp the bristles to the handle. The natural bamboo handle can either be reused or disposed of in a composting bin.

Our Product #: 65741

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