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Daphne Wang | 158
Summer fun activities to excite and inspire!

Once the school alarm sounds and another year has ended it often feels like a massive exodus of families leaving Hong Kong for adventures a far. Yet, many families do stick around to enjoy all t.. Read More

Daphne Wang | 209
Haircuts for Juniors!

There is never one universal response from a child when they are told they need to get their hair cut. When it comes to my two young daughters it couldn’t be more black-and-white. My oldest daug.. Read More

Early to bed, early to rise … it’s Back to School time!

I can still recall that fearful, anxious feeling as a child upon seeing ‘back to school’ commercials on the TV when it was STILL the school holidays. The books, the stationary, and the shiny new.. Read More

Daphne Wang | 230
Healthy lunchbox ideas for fussy little eaters

It can be very worrying and incredibly frustrating as a parent when your young child refuses to eat well. But what happens when it’s time to send them off to school with a packed lunch and your .. Read More

Daphne Wang | 327
A day at the Museum

 It’s a hot and sunny weekend in Hong Kong. You’ve made no plans for the day as yet. The kids are becoming restless jumping all over the sofa eager to get outside and make the most of the d.. Read More

Annabel Karmel - Introducing taste & texture to your baby's diet

At around 6-9 months once your baby has developed a taste for food, you can start to combine flavours and get a little bit more adventurous! This stage is all about mashing, finely chopping &.. Read More

Daphne Wang | 84
Baby’s in bed let’s paint the town red!

If you are fortunate enough to have a babysitter or carer available in the evenings then why not take the opportunity to head out with your partner to explore and enjoy all this cosmopolitan cit.. Read More

Halloween is ‘hellishly’ good fun in Hong Kong

As the cooler nights set in and the darkness creeps over Hong Kong this weekend you may sense an unnerving chill in the air. You might hear the distant screams of lost souls and zombies crawling.. Read More

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