Life Nutrition Whole Food Cal-C Junior with Probiotics - Orange (90 tablets)



Give Your Kids a Healthy Start
We all want our children to grow happily with bright teeth, healthy skin, strong bones and robust immunity. The best way is to build a good foundation of healthy by supplementing your children’s diet with premium quality vitamins and minerals derived from natural sources, as synthetic vitamins lack the natural co-factors for our bodies to absorb them effectively.

Whole Food Cal-C Junior with Probiotics is specially formulated with the Vitamin C equivalent of one orange, the Calcium of one glass of milk and the Probiotics of five cups of yogurt. It contains nutrients to help children develop bright white teeth, strong bones and a robust immune system in a great-tasting, natural and sugar free chewable formulation with a orange flavor.

✓ Contains whole-food sourced Vitamin C, Calcium and Probiotics with essential minerals for children
✓ Promotes children’s immune defenses, digestive health and stronger bones
✓ Natural orange flavor sugar free chewable

Natural Whole Food that Kids Absorb Best
Natural whole food source of Vitamin C, Calcium and Probiotics that contains natural cofactors for kids’ optimal absorption.

3 in 1 Formula for Kids’ Healthy Growth
● Vitamin C of 1 Orange
● Calcium of 1 Glass of Milk
● Probiotics of 5 Cups of Yogurt

Boost Immunity - Contains natural vitamin C from acerola berry that helps boost immunity and maintain healthy immune response.
Digestive Health - Provides 10 billion probiotics that help maintain an optimal balance in the digestive tracts for digestive and immune health. Probiotics help promote bowel movement and reduce children's occasional constipation.
Bone and Teeth Health - Contains calcium from algae that children absorb easily as natural food. It contains over 70 types of trace minerals including Iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium for building strong bone and teeth.

Vitamin C with Probiotics for Children’s Optimal Immunity
A recent study has shown that supplementation of vitamin C with probiotics daily may be a key to reduce flu among children*. 57 children aged three to six years were given a combination of vitamin C, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum or a placebo daily for 6 months. The result showed that daily supplementation of vitamin C together with probiotic strains leads to a significant reduction in flu by 33% and children’s school absence rate by 30%.

Directions: For Kids 12 months and up, chew 2 tablets daily with a meal.