• MooGoo Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil 25ml
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MooGoo Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil 25ml


Tamanu Oil is pressed from the nuts of Tamanu Fruit, mostly from Pacific Islands. Used for centuries in the Pacific Islands on wounds, this oil gained attention when it was shown in a study to help normalise the appearance of scar tissue.

From the moment you apply Tamanu Oil to the skin it can be seen that it is a very intense and concentrated oil. It has a yellow/green colour and a very distinctive scent. In some ways it may not be the "prettiest" of oils, but it is certainly one of the most effective.

Tamanu Oil is now becoming famous for its anti-ageing benefits based on promotion of new skin and its assistance in repair. Ideal for acne, acne scarring and wound soothing. It is best applied in the evening or under a moisturiser.

Note: Because it is cold pressed from nut kernels, people with nut allergies should patch test first.  Also it has a very distinctive nutty smell and yellow/green texture.

Directions: Apply to the skin after washing the face. Allow oils to soak into the skin for as long as conveniently possible. After at least 10 minutes, a simple moisturiser may be applied over the top as this can assist the oil in penetrating. The emulsifiers and water in a moisturising cream help oils penetrate.

Ingredients: Tamanu Oil

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