Ooly Brilliant Brush Markers

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At OOLY, we love creating products that help people of all ages smile, explore their imaginations and express themselves. For more than ten years, we’ve been dreaming up all kinds of fun and functional products that inspire creativity. We’re constantly thinking up new ideas. If you have one, let us know! We’d love to hear from you. P.S. You may also know us by our original name, International Arrivals. We’ve changed our name to OOLY to reflect our passion for fun and creativity.

• QUALITY: Color like a true artist. Brilliant Brush Markers are like a painting with a painter's brush but with markers! The link flows smoothly and the pens are very easy to use.
• SUPER FINE TIP: These markers come with a super fine and flexible felt tip for the finest lines and the broadest strokes. Take ultimate control of your marker artistry.
• VARIETY: Comes in 12 brilliant colors, all with the amazing felt tip allowing for many different strokes and designs for your artwork.
• WASHABLE: The Brilliant Brush Tip markers flows smoothly for your art creations, however in case it gets on your clothes, have no fear! These markers easily wash out of clothes.
• PORTABLE: These markers come in a reusable case for on the go coloring. Whether at home, on vacation, or at work or school, these brush markers are easy to bring wherever you go!