Helping Baby Sleep Through the Night
: Clarissa Becker | : 2174

A newborn's first few months can be exhausting for her parents.  Adults aren't meant to be awakened every few hours, but new babies aren't capable of sleeping through the night.  They need f..

Help!  The Baby Keeps Me Up All  Night!
: Clarissa Becker | : 2160

Ten Tips for Teaching Baby to Sleep Through the Night You’ve got a new baby in the house.  Congratulations!  And now you feel like part of a sleep deprivation experiment.  Sooner..

From the Crib to the Bed: Six Tips to Help Your Child Adjust With the Change

Every parent knows that the day must eventually arrive when your child will make the transition from his or her crib to a mattress and box spring.  Changing to a bed can be hard on both the ch..

Monster Under the Bed?
: Ellen Mady | : 1890

We might not remember it, but most of us once experienced the horror of knowing there was a monster under our bed. We were afraid to go to sleep and either called out for help or stayed as still and s..

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