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Teach Your Child To Love Books
: Clarissa Becker | : 2060

As any avid reader knows, books are a joy.  Even if you’re no book-lover, encouraging a passion for reading in your child is to give them a gift that lasts a lifetime.  It’s never too soon t..

Parenting:  Potty Training Basics
: Clarissa Becker | : 1731

Many parents equate successful parenting with early toilet training.  It is important to keep in mind that children will naturally show interest in toilet training when they are ready and ther..

Understanding the Montessori Approach to Learning
: Clarissa Becker | : 1830

The Montessori philosophy for educating children is based on the belief that every child learns at his own pace and through multi-sensory activities. Dr. Maria Montessori developed her method in the..

Preparing For Your Child's First Day at School
: Clarissa Becker | : 1773

Your child’s first day at school is nerve-wracking for both you and your child. There are many things that you need to take into account, but some of the main things are outlined here.Your child is li..

How Music Affects Brain Development in Infants
: Clarissa Becker | : 1903

Experts have strenuously debated the effect of listening to music on an infant’s brain development. Some researchers--and many entrepreneurs--have concluded that music makes babies smarter, whereas ..

Learn Mandarin – It’s easier than you think
: Clarissa Becker | : 1501

As China takes its place as a major player on the world stage, there is an increasing need for people from the West to learn Chinese. Many are put off, however, by perceived difficulties arising be..

How to Make Reading with Your Baby Fun and Rewarding

 Reading is one of the most fundamental life skills that your baby will learn, and it is never too early to start. Reading with your baby will help to boost their vocabulary and improve their ..

Finding the balance between your children and the technology that they use

 A question that parents often ask themselves is, how much technology should their children be exposed to? Whether it's playing on a games console, using an iPad or smartphone, researching hom..

5 Tips for Raising a Child To Be Bilingual
: Clarissa Becker | : 1403

Many parents hope that their children will become bilingual. Yet even if each of the parents has a different mother tongue, raising a child to be bilingual is not a certainty. Indeed, many children ..

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