Physiolac Anti-Reflux Infant Formula 2, 900g (6-12months)


Physiolac Anti-Reflux Infant Formula 2

A specialized formula that is pre-thickened to lessen reflux. The thickeners in this milk is precooked starch. It remains a liquid in the bottle and only thickens in the baby's stomach. Recommended 6 months up 12 months old.

Frequently during the first year, regurgitation is mainly due to immature digestive system of the baby. Physiolac Anti-Reflux Infant Formula 2 contains precooked starch thickener to reduce regurgitation in baby. Preparation is as easily as conventional formula, it remains fluid in the bottle and only thicken in the baby's stomach.

Suitable for baby from 6-12 months.


Skimmed milk; vegetable fats; demineralised whey; pre-cooked maize starch; maltodextrins; dietary fibre (2%); galacto-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides; milk proteins; mineral salts: potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, ferrous gluconate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, zinc gluconate, manganese gluconate, copper gluconate, sodium selenite,  potassium iodide; emulsifier: soya lecithin; vitamins: L-ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, alpha tocopherol acetate, retinyl acetate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamin, folic acid, phytomenadione, cholecalciferol, biotin, cyanocobalamin; choline bitartrate; antioxidants: DL alpha tocopherol, L-ascorbyl palmitate; L-carnitine; inositol.


How to
1) In a sterilized bottle, pour the required quantity of clean water warmed to 37°C (tap water previously boiled for 5 minutes or bottled spring water).

2) Add the required number of level measuring scoops of Physiolac.

3) Close the bottle and roll it between your hands about 10 times, then shake it up and down until the powder is fully mixed. *

4) Let it rest a few seconds to remove air bubbles formed during agitation.

5) Check the temperature on your wrist. Use immediately.

6) Clean and boil bottle, teat, ring and cap just after feeding your baby.

* May require extra mixing with the advised quantity of warm water to ensure the starch is fully dissolved. Use a variable flow teat for feeding.