Scientific Explorer Electrified Energy Lab

  Recommended Age: 8+ years

The Scientific Explorer™ Electrified Energy Lab is a great way to introduce kids to science. This fun science kit contains 28 exciting science experiments for kids and a 48-page fun and facts manual! In this science kit kids will get to build their own solar lab, cook an egg in a solar furnace, make their own battery tester, build a burglar alarm, and much more! Scientific Explorer™ science kits are a great educational gift for any kid! This kit is best for kids 8 years and up.


  • Graduation card
  • Thermometer
  • Test tube
  • Heat absorber bag
  • Test tube stand
  • Test tube holder
  • Piece of rubber
  • Solar reflector
  • Magnifying glass
  • Cardboard bracket
  • Circuit board base
  • Battery holder
  • Brass strip
  • Light bulbs with holders
  • Switch
  • 10 long wires
  • 10 short wires
  • 2 bulb holder clamps
  • Morse code switch
  • 22 washers
  • 30 brads
  • 2 resistors
  • Plastic jar with lid
  • Steel wool
  • 21 springs
  • Instruction manual

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