Snapkis Training Cup Set 240ml

  Recommended Age: 0 - 5 years

A complete 7-Stage system that grows with your baby. Designed to ease your baby stage-by-stage through the transition from bottle to spout to straw.


  • SatinSoft Teat - Our SatinSoft teats are made of ultra-soft silicone, to mimic the skin-softness of a mother’s breast, and reduce nipple confusion. The magic in our teats make transition from breastfeeding to bottle that much easier.
  • Soft Teat Nipple - The silicone at the tip is finely engineered to be as soft as an artificial nipple gets, yet supple enough to be non-collapsible.
  • Smart Anti-Colic System - Our vented teat effectively cycles air during feeds to maintain a smooth liquid flow. This helps reduce stomach discomfort from excessive air intake.
  • Ideal Nipple Shape - The SatinSoft teat supports natural feeding – it fits to the fossa of a baby’s mouth, the cavity where the nipple sits during breast-feeding.
  • Anti-Collapse Teat Body - The lines on our teat are collapse-resistant and encourage natural tongue movement. This promotes a rhythmic sucking during feed. Our SatinSoft technology keeps the milk flowing even when your baby is moving around, and eliminates fussing from teat collapse.
  • Contoured Teat Base - The teat slopes out towards the base, catering to differently-sized mouths and allowing each baby to latch on at their point of comfort.
  • Wide Mouth Bottle - A wide bottle opening to make it easier to prepare, fill and clean your bottle.
  • Ergonomic Handles - Handles are grippable by small hands to encourage self-feeding, supporting development of early psychomotor skills. Handles are removable for wash.
  • Clear Markings - Volumetric markings are brightly coloured, for ease of reading even in low-light situations.
  • Friendly Design - Our vibrantly coloured Snapkis animal characters accompany your baby during their feeding time with reassuring familiarity!
  • Ready for next stage - When the suction of your baby is very strong, the teat may deflate slightly. If your baby appears agitated at a slower than ideal flow, it is time to change to the next stage.

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