Squiz Sophie the Girafe Reusable Pouch - pack of 3


3 refillable food pouches. 130ml. Reuse up to 50 times. Made in Switzerland from 100% european plastic, BPA free. Ecological, economical, healthy and practical! Freeze them, dishwasher friendly.

Practical for parents and fun for kids, snacks in disposable pouches are now found in every school bag. Single-use pouches have several disadvantages, however: high price for one use, increase in packaging waste, and a size that is often too small (90-120 ml) to satisfy older children. Already popular in America, and finally available throughout Europe thanks to Squiz, reusable pouches provide an alternative that is ecological, economical, and just as convenient.

Squiz is an all-in-one, easy-to-use pouch: filled by wide zipped bases, stored in the refrigerator or freezer, transported without risks of leaks, washed like a bottle, and reusable an average of 50 times. Meals or snacks for little or big kids can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.