• The BabyCenter Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

The BabyCenter Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth


Millions of moms-to-be consult BabyCenter, the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting Web site, for the latest, most trustworthy advice. Now all that wisdom is gathered in The BabyCenter Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Linda J. Murray, Leah Hennen, Jim Scott and the Editors of BabyCenter.
Combining expert advice with real-world mom-to-mom wisdom, the people at BabyCenter have been communicating through the contemporary medium of the Internet with new and expectant moms--intimately, reassuringly, effectively--for more than 7 years. They have helped an estimated 15 million mothers negotiate the often strange and scary but always miraculous worlds of pregnancy and parenting. And now the editors have put together all of this accumulated knowledge, including brand-new information that is not on the Web site, in a book that will immediately be recognized as the standout in the field.

Here expectant moms will find:
o Insights into the amazing changes they experience
o Practical advice from leading pregnancy experts
o Hundreds of great tips from experienced moms
o Breathtakingly detailed fetal-development illustrations
o Answers to all questions they are too embarrassed to ask, don't think to ask, or don't know whom to ask

Featuring many of the popular elements that distinguish the BabyCenter Web site--such as Is It Safe? and Just for Dad, plus worksheets, charts, quizzes, checklists, and more--this superb guide will only solidify BabyCenter's reputation as the world's #1 resource on pregnancy and parenting.

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