Grobag - Insect Shield Grobag Grey Stripe


The award-winning Insect Shield Grobag is the only baby sleep bag with built-in, bug barring protection and will give you that added peace of mind when going out and about.

Insect Shield technology converts clothing and gear into long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection.

The active ingredient in Insect Shield is so tightly bonded to the fabric fibres that it retains effectiveness through the life of the product.

Insect Shield Features

  • Built-in insect protection™
  • Protects against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.
  • Insect Shield protection is built right in and lasts the expected lifetime of the product
  • Odourless, Invisible and convenient
  • Protection stays in the clothes, not on your skin
  • US Environmental Protection Agency registered
  • Tested and Proven- Technology is the result of years of research and field study.

Grobag Features

  • Available in 0.5 tog warmth rating
  • Available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months
  • Underarm poppers on 0-6 month size
  • Shoulder poppers/side zip on all sizes
  • 100% woven cotton
  • Zip-click® feature on all sizes
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat

Our Product #: 66915

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