Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Spoon - Blue (Twin Pack)


Tommee Tippee Explora Aeroplane Spoon – a great way to make mealtimes fun and encourage your little one to finish every meal.

Every mum knows that sometimes, getting their baby to eat up can be a challenge. By introducing an element of fun and interaction babies learn that new foods and full tummies not only make them happy but make mummy happy too. So zoom in with the aeroplane spoon, swoop down on the broccoli and head in for the perfect landing.

  • Shallow tip so food easy to ‘take off’
  • First Class fun
  • Great for In flight feeding

Contains: 2 x Aeroplane Spoons

We know you care about what your products are made from, and we do to. That's why we share our product specifications with you: 

Material: polypropylene (PP)