Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Storage Lid (Twin Pack)


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Storage Lid (Twin Pack)

Turn Bottles into Storage

You never want to lose a drop of breast milk, so these storage lids allow you to turn Closer to Nature Bottles into safe and convenient storage. A tight seal ensures every drop is secure and ready to feed baby when you need it.

Feeding Flexibility

When it comes to feeding your baby, choosing to pump can give you some well-deserved freedom and flexibility. These milk storage lids help support that by allowing you to make use of bottles to store your breast milk ready for future feeds.

Fridge and Freezer-Safe

These milk storage lids help protect every precious drop of breast milk, by transforming feeding bottles into secure and space-saving storage pots. Keep a bottle or two on hand in your fridge or freezer, ready to warm at any time.

Fully Compatible Line

The Closer to Nature breastfeeding range is an interchangeable system of breast pumps, storage containers and feeding equipment. The bottles connect directly onto the breast pumps allowing you to pump straight into the bottles, making the process as simple as can be. All pumps and bottles can be placed into the Closer to Nature sterilizers and bottle warmers, offering parents everything you need to feed a newborn.

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