Tommee Tippee Twin Taste Bowl with Heat Sensing Spoon 7m+ - Yellow


The Twin Taste Bowl has two compartments, ideal for storing two types of food and perfect for introducing baby to new tastes.

The easy grip bowl has snap-shut leak proof lid and seals both compartments, making it ideal for travel and storage.

Our Twin Taste Bowl come with a heat sensing spoon that can be locked on the lid for easy storage and on the go. The heat sensing spoon can change colour from red to yellow when food is too hot.

• Bowl with 2 compartments for differnet foods differnet taste. 
• Bowl, feeding spoon and lid can be locked to one for travel and easy storage
• Special compartment for storing spoon.
• Soft tip spoon is gentle on baby's gums and changes colour if food is too hot.
• Anti-slip base, soften handle for comfortable grasp
• Microwave, dishwasher and steriliser safe.
• Suitable for babies 4m+
• BPA free