ClevaMama Bamboo Muslin Cloths 3-Pack - Coral Clouds

  適合年齡 0 months+

ClevaMama® Bamboo Muslin Cloths are a must-have multi-use item for all parents. Baby Muslin Cloth can be used for just about anything, from a makeshift bib for feeding, protecting your clothing when winding, to an instant comforter for your precious baby.

These beautiful breathable, quality Bamboo Muslin Squares are made with silky soft bamboo fibre and cotton so they’re super soft, naturally anti-bacterial, pH balanced and quick drying.

A set of three Bamboo Muslin Cloths are available in a range of three colours as blue, Coral and Grey Mint. They are machine washable, always to make the challenges of parenting just that bit easier.

ClevaMama® Bamboo Baby Muslin Cloths is

  • Naturally anti-bacterial  and pH balanced - It has great wicking properties to absorb moisture keeping baby drier.
  • Extra Soft - Made with silky soft breathable bamboo fibre. These Muslin Squares are a delicate touch for your baby's skin.
  • Must Have - Multi-use, baby muslin cloth is essential when you are breast feeding to wipe milk away or clean up spit-up; when you need a fast changing mat or cover-up. Muslins are made also to wrap or swaddle your little one. 
  • Quick drying - because you always need ClevaMama Bamboo Muslin Cloths at hand
  • Large Size and Composition - 70x70 cm and 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton

ClevaMama® Bamboo Muslin Cloths are available in three colours as coral, blue and grey mint. It comes in a set of 3 muslin squares. Suitable for babies from 0 months+.

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