Moulin Roty 風車工紡 Les Jolis Pas Beaux Milk Tooth Fairy Mouse in a Box 13.5x7cm

  適合年齡 18 months+

In France, children don't wait for the tooth fairy to collect their lost teeth. Instead, it is a little tooth mouse, like this one, that comes and leaves them money in exchange for their gift. This quirky tooth fairy can also serve as a protector of lost teeth when placed underneath your little one's pillow or next to their bed. It's rounded pocket reads "la dent de lait," meaning "milk tooth," and is the perfect size to safely carry a tooth overnight. It comes in a cozy gift-box which can double as a bed of its own! Measuring nearly 3-inches wide by 5.4-inches tall, this toy is safe for tots aged 3+ (due to the small parts if used with a lost tooth).

A collage of different fabrics and textures, the fun critters of the Jolis pas Beaux collection love to sleep beneath your little one's pillow and share in the telling of bed and nap-time stories. With a cat, cow, dog, duck, mouse and sheep to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect companion for your tot - or, keep the friends together by collecting the whole bunch!

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