ELC Wooden Classic Kitchen


Cook up a storm in our classic kitchen, lovingly crafted from wood to give playrooms and bedrooms a traditional feel. Open the oven door and pop your tasty treats inside. Turn the dials right and left to set the temperature – can you hear the dials make a clicking sound, just like mummy and daddy's oven? While we're waiting for our cake to bake, why don't we learn how to tell the time? Do you know which hand counts the minutes? Let's store our toys neatly inside the cupboard to keep our bedroom nice and tidy. I think our cake is ready - shall we invite a friend over to share a slice?

Quick Facts:
   • Beautifully crafted kitchen for pretend play
   • Cupboard with spotty fabric curtain
   • Clock with moving hands
   • Handy storage shelves
   • Open-and-close oven door
   • 2 hobs with 3 clicking dials
   • Handy storage shelves
   • Dimensions: H 83cm x W 67cm x D 31.5cm