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Early to bed, early to rise … it’s Back to School time!

I can still recall that fearful, anxious feeling as a child upon seeing ‘back to school’ commercials on the TV when it was STILL the school holidays. The books, the stationary, and the shiny new.. read more

Haircuts for Juniors!
: 11 | : 129

There is never one universal response from a child when they are told they need to get their hair cut. When it comes to my two young daughters it couldn’t be more black-and-white. My oldest daug.. read more

Summer fun activities to excite and inspire!
: 11 | : 84

Once the school alarm sounds and another year has ended it often feels like a massive exodus of families leaving Hong Kong for adventures a far. Yet, many families do stick around to enjoy all t.. read more

Summer fun swimming classes for your little ones
: 11 | : 131

Summer is the perfect time to transform your little ‘bundles of cuteness’ in to ‘little swimming fish’ through a series of ‘babies and toddlers’ swimming classes. No matter your background or upbrin.. read more

The Pulse: just might be Hong Kong’s answer to a ‘little bit of Noosa’

I’d lost count the number of times I wondered if the rain would ever stop in June! It felt like I spent endless days cooped up inside trying to think of new ways to entertain the little ones whi.. read more

Valentines Day with our Kids!
: StrachanRae | : 93

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again, when you reminisce about candle lit dinners, dozens of roses, sweet nothings being whispered into your ear…Not so easy to replicate those days with a couple of .. read more

Getting Kids Back in to the Swing of School After CNY!

We hope you have had a fantastic Chinese New Year holiday and we’re sure the kids have enjoyed the break from school and have probably got used to later bed times, lie ins and just hanging out with .. read more

Disciplining your kids without losing your cool

 Do you feel your blood boiling when disciplining your kids? Regret your stern words, raised voice or actions just moments afterwards? You wouldn’t be alone there. It’s difficult to keep your .. read more

CNY in Hong Kong with Kids
: StrachanRae | : 241

The first day of the Chinese New Year starts on 28th January and we’ll be celebrating the Year of the Rooster! If you’re staying in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year – LUCKY YOU! It’s such a magical t.. read more

Punch The Paunch!
: StrachanRae | : 120

 This January Punch The Paunch is helping to realize New Year’s Resolutions across Hong Kong by transforming bodies with a 60 day Get Fit and Lean competition. The best thing about this pa.. read more

Overload of Toys at Christmas
: StrachanRae | : 113

Whilst the kids are excited about all the toys they’ve received over Christmas, as a parent you’re probably dreading it. For a start, you simply don’t have the space in your flat for all these thing.. read more

Christmas Turkey - Give it to baby!
: BeckerClarissa | : 185

Not sure what to do with your leftover turkey this Christmas? Why not feed it to baby!  Most pediatricians in the United States recommend that meats such as chicken and turkey be introduced to a .. read more

Christmas Meringues
: StrachanRae | : 102

Help me! Christmas threw up on my meringues……… I have always disliked anything that involves egg whites. Simply because there are so many ways that they can fail. Lately, I have been using.. read more

Traveling with Babies and Kids
: StrachanRae | : 130

Traveling with Babies and Kids With Christmas creeping up on us so quickly, and Chinese New Year literally just around the corner, here are our top tips to keep you stress free from the moment.. read more

Festive Chocolate Chip Cookies
: StrachanRae | : 194

I have tried so many chocolate chip cookies recipes, but nothing beats the cookie recipe on the back of the Hershey’s chocolate chip packet. They are soft and cakelike in the middle and crunchy aro.. read more

The Art of Free Play. Are our kids lives too scheduled?

When you think back to your own childhood, what do you remember most? Do you remember play dates, swimming with friends, outings with your mum, playing in the garden with your siblings…? Or do you .. read more

Yoghurt and Strawberry Swirl Popsicles
: StrachanRae | : 102

Yoghurt and Strawberry Swirl Popsicles  Summer is nearly over but I reckon we've got at least another month of popsicle eating.. Give these recipes a go and see if.. read more

Fussy Eaters.. How to deal with them?
: StrachanRae | : 541

Many children go through phases of being fussy eaters. Some outgrow it, but others will permanently remain fussy throughout their lives. But is there anything we, as parents, can do to prevent it a.. read more

5 things to do on a Monday
: BeckerClarissa | : 387

Monday might be our least favourite day of the week, but we can grab it by the horns and use it as a fresh start to get organised and make the rest of the week seamless!  Here is our suggested li.. read more

Say NO to the mosquito
: BeckerClarissa | : 263

I was very pleased to return from my Easter Holiday to find that that this year’s very long Hong Kong winter was finally over!  I promptly said "goodbye" to my winter coat and “Helloooo” to my tr.. read more

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