Life Nutrition Baby DHA + D3 Drops 60ml



✓ Natural triglyceride Omega-3 for baby's optimal brain, eye and nervous system development*
✓ Contains Vitamin A and D3 for infants’ healthy bone, teeth and immunity*
✓ Molecularly distilled for highest quality and purity

Give Your Baby a Head Start
Everybody wants to give their baby the best start in life. You want to see your kids running about at their natural best full of energy, bright and cheearful. It is particularly important for babies to have a diet packed with food nutritions as the brain and eyes of infants develop at a rapid rate throughout the first two years of life. Pure, clean and safe, Baby DHA +D3 contains Omega-3 fish oil in natural triglyceride form that baby absorbs best for brain, eye and nervous system development.

Best Absorbed Natural Triglyceride Fish Oil
Baby DHA +D3 contains 1050mg natural triglyceride Omega-3 that baby absorbs best for optimal development.

Brain Development - DHA is the structural component of brain tissue and it is especially important for infant’s proper brain development.
Visual Development - DHA is also the structural fat in the retina and plays a crucial role in both infant visual development and function.
Nervous System Development - DHA is essential for maintaining normal function of central nervous system.

All-in-one Formula for Baby’s Health
Naturally contains Vitamin A and D3, Baby DHA +D3 takes care of infants’ different needs including immunity boost, bone building and healthy teeth.

Bone & Teeth Development - Infants need strong bones to stand and walk properly. Vitamin D is essential to infants’ healthy growth and development as it helps with the absorption of Calcium and Phorsphorus for building healthy bones and teeth.
Cellular Protection - Vitamin A is a crucial ingredient for infants as it promotes the cells and tissues growth in the body. Insufficient Vitamin A may affect infants’ growth and development and may cause eye problems and lower resistance to infectious diseases.

Ultra-Pure Fish Oil
Sourced from small freshwater Arctic cod, the fish oil is molecularly distilled and third-party tested to meet the strictest international standards for quality and purity. The fish oil used in Baby DHA +D3 is also certified for sustainable fisheries by Friend of the Sea.
Easy Dosing with Dropper
The package includes a dropper for easy and accurate dosing. Baby DHA +D3 can be easily added to baby formula or food.

Baby DHA is FREE of: GMOs, gluten, soy, yeast, wheat, gelatin, dairy, eggs, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, sweeteners, artificial flavors and synthetic preservatives.

Direction: Use daily according to body weight and suggested dose shown on the product packaging. Can be administered directly or mixed with foods and liquids.