LoveAmme LoveCook Mate 5-in-1 Baby Food Processor


Our 5-in-1 LoveCook Mate saves you time on food preparation as it takes over the job of multiple appliances. Its compact footprint takes up little space on your kitchen top, and comes in a charcoal grey that fits into any modern kitchen. This 5-in-1 has an easy-to-use single-knob operation - turn left for manual blending; turn right to start steaming.


  1. Steamer - Steaming preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values of the food for your loved ones. With our special double-layer steaming rack, you can now steam different types of food concurrently to save time.
  2. Blender - Seamless steaming to blending experience – a side tab allows you to drop in steamed items directly into the blender without scalding yourself. Use either auto-blend or manual pulse modes to achieve the texture suited to your baby’s developmental stage, or make a healthy smoothie to treat yourself!
  3. Reheat - The steamer gently reheats your baby’s food with the option of steaming or via the water bath. Our user manual provides settings for your own timer (not included) to guide your usage.
  4. Defrost - Quickly defrosts frozen food using the steaming chamber or water bath.
  5. Steriliser - Steam sterilise small items to kill germs. The sterilising chamber can take up to a large milk bottle.

LoveCook Mate is suitable for all food types:


  • From 0+ Months - LoveCook can be used to defrost or warm up milk from birth.
  • Preserves Nutrients - Temperature-controlled water bath for preserving nutritional value.
  • Cooks Evenly - Unlike other steamers, our steaming chamber flows the steam 360 ° around the food, cooking it faster and more evenly.
  • Easy Single-hand Operation - This food processor can be operated easily with just one hand, so you can multitask.
  • Easy to Clean - Well-designed parts can be easily dissembled for complete cleaning.
  • Hygienic Water Tank - Water tank is fully accessible – making it easy to descale and clean.

Meets International Safety Standards, Rigorously Controlled by Moms for Moms:
Anti-Scald Design
FDA Food-Grade Materials
100% Eastman Tritan Cup
High Quality Silicone Parts
Oxidation-Resistant 304 Stainless Steel Blade
Meets IEC/EN60335 Safety Standards
TUV Product Safety
Meets German Safety Standards

Our product #: 197357

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