OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks with Silicone Sleeves - Pink 4oz


Glass Baby Blocks with Silicone Sleeves

Silicone and glass are the perfect pair for safe transfer from freezer to microwave to table to baby

Whether you’re taking some banana and pear mash out and about or having homemade zucchini and carrot purée at home, the OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks with Silicone Sleeves are the perfect mealtime companions. These reusable Baby Blocks are made of durable, naturally BPA-free borosilicate glass designed to safely go from freezer to microwave, while the silicone sleeves provide a comfortable grip and keep your hands protected from the heat. The sleeves also protect the glass from bumps while bustling around the kitchen or in your jam-packed diaper bag. (Plus, they look nice, too!) The leakproof lids keep food fresh and contained, and the tray keeps them neat and organized in your freezer until you’re ready for baby’s next noms.