Addo 小批量蠕動和滾動毛毛蟲

  適合年齡 12 months+

Introducing the Addo Little Lot Wriggle & Roll Caterpillar – a vibrant companion that brings joy and movement to your little one's playtime.

Watch as this colourful caterpillar zooms across the floor with a simple push on its body, creating an exciting and interactive experience for your child. Designed to encourage the development of fine motor skills, your little explorer can twist its head 360 degrees or turn its tail to enjoy delightful clicking sounds. The turning wheels add an extra layer of fascination with captivating rattling bead noises.

  • Supports your child's development by enhancing gross and fine motor skills, fostering action and reaction, and promoting colour recognition.
  • After playtime adventures, consider passing on, donating, or gifting the caterpillar for sustainable and eco-friendly toy use.
  • Suitable for ages 6 months and above.

Whether your child is chasing after their newfound friend or embarking on imaginative play in the room, the Wriggle & Roll Caterpillar guarantees lively and enriching play sessions. Choose this delightful companion to make every playtime a colourful and developmental experience for your little one.

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