ELC 迪士尼公主吹泡泡機


Introducing the enchanting ELC Disney Princess Bubble Blower – a delightful addition to playtime that brings a burst of bubbly joy to your child's day. Perfect for sunny afternoons in the garden, this bright and colourful Bubble Blower is a magical experience for children aged 3 to 10 years.

Key Features:
Whimsical Disney Princess Design:
Immerse your little one in the world of Disney Princesses with the captivating design of our Bubble Blower. It adds a touch of magic to their playtime.

Easy Operation:
The Bubble Blower is designed for simplicity – just press the button, and watch as a stream of bubbles fills the air. It's easy for little hands to operate, ensuring endless fun.

Bubble Solution Included:
No need to worry about sourcing bubble solution separately – our Bubble Blower comes complete with a bottle of bubble solution, ready for immediate play.

Ways to Play:

  1. Chase Bubbles in the Garden: Let the kids loose in the garden to chase and catch the floating bubbles.
  2. Bubble-Popping Fun: See how many bubbles they can pop, adding an exciting element to the play.
  3. Dance Among the Bubbles: Create a magical atmosphere by dancing among the bubbles while listening to their favourite Disney songs.
  4. Explore More Fun:
  5. Discover our fantastic collection of bubble blowers, wands, and machines at The Entertainer for even more bubble-filled adventures.

Add a touch of whimsy and endless entertainment to your child's outdoor play with the ELC Disney Princess Bubble Blower. Watch their faces light up as they engage in the delightful world of bubbles and imagination.

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