Ergobaby 新生兒包巾


  適合年齡 0 months+


跟原創的嬰兒包巾擁有同樣的設計專利及便利性,新款的嬰兒包巾進一步加強透氣度。使用的純棉 / 聚酯混合布料令其具有獨特的通氣方式,接觸在寶寶的肌膚上特別柔軟,而且良好的伸縮性讓寶寶在活動時感覺特別舒適。


  • 48 - 60厘米/19”- 24”
  • 2.7 - 6.8公斤/6 - 15磅


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Hayley Amarant
  Elephant swaddle
Reviewed on: 2021-01-01
Verified Purchase
Amazing! Very easy to use and keeps baby settled.

Gabi Thomas
  Need to be more flexible
Reviewed on: 2021-01-01
Verified Purchase
Overall it was great. But for maybe one week. After one or two uses the fabric “stretches out “ and it makes swaddling the baby hard because ultimately you want a nice snug wrap but the fabric stretching doesn’t give you that. So then you need to wash it to “shrink “ the fabric back to normal again. But it’s almost impossible to wash and dry in one day so I landed up having to put it in the dryer. Great solution to the loose arms on the fabric however bad idea for the sleep sack. It shrank. The bit that goes inbetween the legs needs to be made adjustable. I have a long baby so this didn’t fit for very long. I also found that maybe the Valcro for the arms should be longer for those smaller babies or mums wanting a tighter swaddle also for the days when the fabric has stretched out a bit. Otherwise it was a great product. Super simple to use, great idea just needs to be a bit more flexible