Melissa & Doug Flip & Serve Pancake 套裝 - 木製玩具食品

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  適合年齡 3+ years

Who's ready for breakfast? With this wooden play food set, a young chef can prepare two golden-brown pancakes with all the fixings on a cooktop surface printed on the back of the corrugated storage box! Ingredients include chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas, and pats of butter. Cook them up on the wooden skillet and use the utensils to flip and slice. Self stick tabs on the food pieces make a satisfying crunch when sliced and also help the toppings stay on the pancakes! Serve up the pancakes on the printed thick paper placemat with a festive gingham design for hours of pretend-play fun.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Lay the circular topping pieces in a row and ask the child to count them with you.
  • Ask the child to sort the topping pieces (chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas, and butter) into two groups: circles and squares.
  • Place a selection of toppings on the play surface, with a different quantity of each type (1 banana piece, 2 blueberry pieces, etc.). Ask the child to identify the biggest group and the smallest group. Then help the child put the groups in order from biggest to smallest.
  • Connect the butter pieces into a single "stick." Ask the child to cut the stick into four equal pieces. Reconnect the pieces. Then challenge the child to cut the stick into two equal halves.
  • Use topping pieces to begin a pattern. (For instance, banana, blueberry, butter, banana, blueberry.) Ask the child to add the piece that will complete the pattern.
  • Place an order for one or two pancakes with specific toppings. Make your request aloud for younger children; for older children, write it on a slip of paper so the "chef" can read your order - just like in a real restaurant!
  • Ask the child to sort the toppings into three groups, with one type of ingredient in each group. Ask the child to count the individual groups, then count all the pieces together.



Dimensions: 10" x 13" x 2" Packaged


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