ProEyes Children's Photochromic Blue Light Blocking Glasses - 8005 Grey

  適合年齡 4 - 8 years

A combination of sunglasses and blue-light-blocking glasses.

  • Lenses automatically darken when outdoors and return to clear when indoors.
  • Filter high energy and harmful blue light
  • Reduce eye strain, visual fatigue, and eye dryness
  • Normalize Sleeping Patterns

【Convenient】e-Photochromic glasses are a combination of sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses. Smart Blocker Lenses automatically darken when outdoors and return to clear when indoors.
【Blue Light Blocking Lenses】Smart Blocker lenses filter high energy and harmful blue light, reducing eye strain, visual fatigue and eye dryness. Blue light affects the biological clock and makes you less sleepy when you expose yourself to blue light at night. Smart Blocker lenses help normalize sleeping patterns.
【Anti-Reflective Coating】The anti-reflective coating allows more light to pass through while eliminating glare and give you clear vision. AR coating makes the lenses appear almost invisible. It vastly improves the cosmetic appearance of wearing the lenses. No reflection on the lenses when taking a photo with a flashlight.
【Extend the life of Your Lenses】Smart Blocker is made of premium resin. Lenses with anti-stain coating protect your glasses against scratches and smudges. Lenses are heat resistant resulting in lenses that can last longer.

Material: Nylon Elastomer and Silica Gel
Feature: The frame is lightweight, screwless, non-deformable, durable, and not easy to break, specially designed for young children. Arms are curved inwardly that fit comfortably to the head shape. Arms can be replaced with a headband for outdoor activities.
Adorable Frame Case: Your child will be excited to have a cute frame case. Extra nose pads and a lens cloth are included. The frame case is non-changeable and is offered as a gift. Case color may be different from the ad photo.

This product complies with CE safety international standards.
The 6-month warranty covers replacement caused by manufacturing defects. Receipt is required for the proof of purchase.

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