• Books Bing - Bing's Bus Ride

Books Bing - Bing's Bus Ride


Bing, Pando, Flop, and Padget are going on a bus to the beach and they can’t wait to go, go, go, go, GO!

“Seaside, seaside, YAY!”

But will their fun day out go as planned? Will the bus ride lead them to the anticipated fun at the beach, or will unexpected twists add a touch of adventure to their outing?


Based on the award-winning CBeebies preschool show, "Bing’s Bus Ride" translates the same warmth and charm of the television series into the pages of this engaging picture book.

Designed for young readers, this picture book introduces the excitement of a day out while capturing the spirit of friendship and adventure.

Let the rhythmic excitement of "Bing’s Bus Ride" captivate your little ones as they join Bing and friends on an adventure filled with laughter, surprises, and the joy of exploration.

About HarperCollins Children’s Books:
HarperCollins Children’s Books continues its tradition of delivering captivating tales that resonate with young audiences. "Bing’s Bus Ride" is another delightful addition to their collection of preschool-friendly stories.

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