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Explore the whimsical world of Little Miss Chatterbox, a timeless creation by Roger Hargreaves that has enchanted young readers for over 50 years!

Little Miss Chatterbox simply can't resist talking, leading her into various amusing predicaments until she stumbles upon the perfect job!

The enduring appeal of the Mr Men and Little Miss series lies in their delightful and humorous escapades, captivating generations of children. With vibrant illustrations and engaging stories, Mr Men and Little Miss offer an ideal storytime experience for children aged two and up. How many of these charming characters have you encountered?


About the Author:
Roger Hargreaves, born in 1935 in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, is Britain's third best-selling author, having sold over 100 million books. Initially, he pursued a career in advertising before becoming an accomplished author and illustrator. In 1971, inspired by his son Adam's question, he created the first Mr. Men book, marking the start of an iconic series that faced initial publishing challenges but soared to success, selling over a million copies in three years. This popularity led to a 1974 BBC animated series.

In 1976, Roger left advertising, and the Little Miss series began in 1981 with "Little Miss Bossy," later adapted into a 1983 television show. Despite writing various children's stories, Roger's enduring legacy lies in the charm of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. Tragically, he passed away in 1988, but his son Adam continued the legacy. In 2004, Christine, Roger's wife, sold the rights to the characters to the entertainment group Chorion.

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