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Books Little Miss Helpful


Meet Little Miss Helpful, a charming character who loves lending a hand, even if she's a tad clumsy at times! Join her in this charming tale from the Little Miss Classic Library by Roger Hargreaves.

The timeless tales of Mr Men and Little Miss have been capturing the hearts of children for generations with their endearing antics. Vibrant illustrations and amusing stories make the Mr. Men and Little Miss series a perfect choice for delightful storytime experiences for children aged two and above. Have you had the joy of meeting all these charming characters?

About the Author:
Enter the imaginative universe crafted by Roger Hargreaves, inspired by a simple tickle. When his son Adam inquired about the appearance of a tickle, Roger gave life to Mr. Tickle, the inaugural Mr Men character. From Mr. Tickle's laughter-inducing debut, other beloved characters like Mr. Greedy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Sneeze, and Mr. Bump emerged. The instant success of the first Mr Men books paved the way for Roger to create numerous characters, each designed to bring laughter to children. Discover the magic, and perhaps find your own favourite, just like Roger's beloved Mr. Silly.

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