• Books Little Miss Lucky and the Naughty Pixies

Books Little Miss Lucky and the Naughty Pixies


Little Miss Lucky is the luckiest person in the world—until mysterious twists of fate befall her. In "Little Miss Lucky and the Naughty Pixies," join her quest to uncover the source of her sudden bout of bad luck.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss Magic series invites young readers on sparkling adventures, introducing them to a host of extraordinary characters, from dragons and ogres to mermaids, princesses, fairies, and even pirates.

These colourful and delightful adventures are designed to captivate children aged two years and upwards. With bold illustrations and engaging stories, the Mr. Men and Little Miss series offers the perfect storytime experience.

About the Author:
Adam Hargreaves, a children's author and illustrator based in East Sussex, England, carries on the legacy of his father, Roger Hargreaves. Continuing the immensely popular Mr. Men series, which has sold over 200 million copies worldwide, Adam brings fresh and imaginative stories to captivate the hearts of young readers.

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