• Books Love Monster and the Extremely Big Wave

Books Love Monster and the Extremely Big Wave


Dive into the hilarious and empowering world of Love Monster with "Love Monster and the Extremely Big Wave" by Rachel Bright. 

Join Love Monster on his beachside adventure as he dreams of becoming THE BEST SURFER IN THE WORLD! However, as the extremely big waves approach, doubts start to creep in. Will Love Monster find the courage to dip his toe in the ocean?

This reassuring story encourages young readers to let the waves roll over their feet, teaching them that sometimes, perfection is just one more practice away. The delightful Love Monster, now featured in his own animated show on CBeebies, brings joy and laughter to children of all ages.

About the Author:
Rachel Bright is not only a writer of words but also a skilled illustrator and purveyor of happy thoughts. Hailing from the South West, she's a prolific talent with a vivid imagination, bringing forth a myriad of quirky characters in her enchanting children's stories. As the creator of the award-winning stationery and homewares range, The Bright Side, Rachel has enchanted audiences worldwide with her unique brand of sunshine. Her portfolio includes a variety of beautifully imagined children’s stories, along with handcrafted etchings, silk-screens, and hand-printed poems.

Living on a farm near the seaside, Rachel infuses her creations with warmth and joy for the young and the young at heart. Explore the world of Rachel Bright through her books, including Love Monster, What Does Daddy Do?, and My Sister is an Alien.

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