• Books Mr. Men Little Miss - Go To The Festival

Books Mr. Men Little Miss - Go To The Festival


Join Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Shy as they set off for an unforgettable adventure at the festival!

Anticipation fills the air as the friends eagerly embark on their first festival experience. With promises of music, face painting, exciting activities, and delicious food, they excitedly pitch their tent, ready to immerse themselves in family-friendly fun. Alongside familiar faces like Mr Small, Mr Tall, and Mr Greedy, the stage is set for an unforgettable day. However, the question lingers: Can Little Miss Shy overcome her self-consciousness and fully embrace the joyous atmosphere of the festival?

In the Mr. Men and Little Miss Every Day series, Adam Hargreaves continues Roger Hargreaves' legacy by taking these beloved characters on relatable trips and activities that mirror the experiences of young readers. Each Every Day Adventure incorporates a 'Where's Walter' feature, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for children aged 2 years and up as they search for Walter the worm hiding in every story.

About the Author:
Adam Hargreaves, a distinguished children's author and illustrator based in East Sussex, England, proudly upholds the illustrious legacy of his father, Roger Hargreaves. Adam's significant contributions to the beloved Mr. Men series have played a pivotal role in its extraordinary success, with over 200 million copies sold worldwide.

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