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Dive into the enchanting world of "Small's Big Dream," a beautifully lyrical and empowering picture book penned by the award-winning author Manjeet Mann, complemented by the exceptional illustrations of debut artist Amanda Quartey.

Small lived in a small house.
She had a small room
with a small window
and at night
she slept in a small bed
with a too small blanket.

Despite being small,
Small had BIG dreams.

In Small's petite world, everything is, well, small – from her shoes to her bed, everything fits just right. However, there's nothing small about her dreams. Small quickly learns that when you dream big, the realm of possibilities expands, and anything – absolutely everything – can unfold.

"Small's Big Dream" marks the debut picture book from Manjeet Mann, accompanied by the captivating illustrations of newcomer Amanda Quartey. Manjeet Mann, acclaimed for works such as the Costa Children’s Book Award-winning "The Crossing" and the Carnegie-shortlisted "Run, Rebel," invites readers into a tale that beautifully underscores the significance of dreaming big.

This delightful picture book is not just a celebration of dreams but a reminder that, regardless of size, our dreams have the power to manifest into anything and everything we can imagine. "Small's Big Dream" is a captivating journey into the expansive world of possibilities that unfold when we dare to dream big.

About the Author:
Manjeet Mann is a versatile artist, excelling as an actress, playwright, screenwriter, and director. As the founder of Run The World, an organization empowering women and girls from marginalized backgrounds through sport and storytelling, she brings her passion for empowerment to her literary works. Currently residing in Kent, Manjeet Mann has crafted a poignant narrative that resonates with the spirit of dreaming without bounds.

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