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Inside Day was Morning.
It was an enormous morning.
There was everything in it.
There was Pia.
And a rabbit.
And Pia’s papa.

Embark on a captivating journey through the magic of a new day with "The Enormous Morning," a heartwarming tale that unfolds the wonders of the world through the eyes of a little girl and her cherished rabbit.

Key Features:

  • Richly Layered Exploration: As morning breaks, follow the awakening of a young girl named Pia and her rabbit, as their world transforms with vibrant colours, enchanting shapes, and lively sounds.
  • A Symphony of Wonders: From butterflies and toys to golden sunshine, the story beautifully unfolds, revealing a cascade of delights that fill Pia's small, quiet world with joy and discovery.
  • Journey Beyond: Step outside with Pia and her Papa, where the wonders expand to include animals, plants, hills, clouds, and a myriad of sensory experiences that captivate young hearts.
  • Imaginative Soar: Pia's senses brim with excitement, her imagination takes flight, and her heart swells with love and a sense of belonging—a celebration of the extraordinary found in the ordinary.

About the Author:
Louise Greig, an award-winning poet and children's picture book author brings her lyrical touch to "The Enormous Morning." Her debut, "The Night Box," and the follow-up, "Sweep," have garnered acclaim and nominations, showcasing her ability to weave magical stories. Louise resides in Aberdeen.

Illustrator's Artistry:
Lizzie Stewart, the talented illustrator behind the visuals of "The Enormous Morning," has previously enchanted readers with her work on the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-winning "There’s a Tiger in the Garden." Her illustrations add a joyful dimension to this exploration of the wonders of morning.

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