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"When Little Fish and her family encounter an odd new fish bobbing along on its own, they embark on an exciting journey to reunite it with its family.

But Odd Fish isn’t the only creature who needs Little Fish’s help. Turtle has a tummy ache and Octopus’s tentacles are tangled. Clever readers will spot the one thing that links them all . . . plastic.

Maybe Odd Fish doesn’t belong in the sea after all?"


Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Odd Fish, a captivating picture book by the dynamic duo Naomi and James Jones. As our oceans face the pressing challenge of eight million tonnes of plastic pollution yearly, this engaging tale sheds light on the issue, blending gentle humour and delightful characters. Geared towards the youngest readers, it not only sparks conversations about environmental concerns but also encourages practical steps to protect our precious oceans and their inhabitants.

Inspired by their own toddler's fascination with David Attenborough's Blue Planet, the authors weave a heartwarming narrative about a helpful little fish bewildered by the Odd Fish bobbing along. Believing the Odd Fish to be lonely, our protagonist and its shoal embark on a mission to reunite it with its family.

Navigating dangers and rescuing fellow sea creatures, the story takes us through encounters with an octopus trapped in a net and a turtle struggling with a plastic bag. The vibrant illustrations, mirroring the ocean's hues, and creative page design add an extra layer of engagement to the narrative. The tale climaxes with the discovery of a diverse school of Odd Fish, emphasizing the need to recognise the distinct threats posed by plastic pollution.

This gentle yet impactful story effectively conveys the message that ocean creatures are imperiled by the inability to differentiate between plastic and food. Lively conversations among the real fish draw children into the narrative, creating an enjoyable learning experience. The authors' note provides additional information on pollution and actionable steps, making this book a valuable introduction to environmental topics for young readers.

About the Author and the Illustrator:
Naomi and James Jones emerged as an exciting author-illustrator partnership in the UK. Their debut book, The Perfect Fit, stands as an international bestseller, and now, with Odd Fish, they continue to captivate young minds with meaningful storytelling and vivid illustrations.

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