• Books The Original Velveteen Rabbit (Hardcover)

Books The Original Velveteen Rabbit (Hardcover)


"He didn't mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real, and when you are Real shabbiness doesn't matter.

Who says stuffed toys don’t have feelings?  This stuffed rabbit does when he’s laughed at for not being ‘real’ like the other rabbits.  So he sets off to prove that you can be real just by being loved by a child, in a wonderful story with positive messages about the value of friendship." "


Discover the enchanting world of The Velveteen Rabbit, where stuffed toys come to life and learn the true meaning of being Real. Authored by Margery Williams and beautifully illustrated by William Nicholson, this classic nursery story celebrates its centenary with a heartwarming tale that resonates with positive messages about friendship and the transformative power of love.

  • Heartfelt Narrative: Join the stuffed rabbit on a journey of self-discovery as he faces ridicule for not being 'real' like other rabbits. A tale filled with warmth and positive messages, it emphasizes the value of friendship and the authenticity that comes from being loved by a child.

  • A Century of Celebration: The Velveteen Rabbit marks its 100th anniversary since its first publication, a testament to its enduring appeal and timeless storytelling.

  • Nursery Magic and Realness: In the nursery, where only the old and wise toys truly understand what it means to be Real, the Velveteen Rabbit seeks wisdom from the knowledgeable Skin Horse. Through nursery magic and the love of a child, the Velveteen Rabbit embarks on a journey towards true Realness.

  • Classic Illustrations by William Nicholson: The timeless picture book is brought to life by the exquisite illustrations of William Nicholson. His classic artwork adds a layer of magic to the narrative, capturing the hearts of both children and adults.

  • Beautiful Hardback Edition: This edition, presented in a beautiful hardback format, is a delightful keepsake gift. The new foiled cover design adds an extra touch of elegance, making it a treasure to share and pass down through generations.


About the Author: 
Margery Williams, born in London in 1881, penned The Velveteen Rabbit as the first and best-known among her thirty children's books. Her storytelling continues to enchant readers, standing the test of time.

About the Illustrator: 
William Nicholson, born in 1872, was not only a distinguished still-life and portrait painter but also a creator of captivating children's books. His artistic contributions, including the classic illustrations for The Velveteen Rabbit, add a timeless charm to the narrative. Explore his work in this new hardback edition from Egmont, which also includes the beloved Clever Bill.

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