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Books The Star Maker's Apprentice


Discover a delightful and enchanting tale of creativity, imagination, and embracing uniqueness in "The Star Maker's Apprentice" by Gareth P Jones, illustrated by the talented Xin Li. From the bestselling author of "Star in the Jar," this heartwarming story is a celebration of daring to be different.

Finn's father holds the extraordinary job of crafting and repairing stars, a task Finn is forbidden to assist with. His father, adhering to a specific method, believes in maintaining a celestial order appreciated by the stargazers below. However, Finn, with his unconventional ideas, is about to shake up the starry status quo.

When illness befalls his father, Finn seizes the opportunity to lend a hand. Igniting the star-making machine, he unleashes a dazzling display of stars in every imaginable colour, captivating and surprising those who gaze upon the night sky.

Yet, the lingering question remains: What will Finn's father think of this celestial spectacle created by his apprentice son?

This joyful and fun-filled narrative draws inspiration from the classic tale of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and unfolds as a perfect blend of imagination and creativity. Ideal for fans of "The Girl and the Dinosaur," "The Moonlight Zoo," and "My Pet Star," this book transports young readers into a world where being different is a cause for celebration.


About the Author:
Sam Hay, a true bookworm, spent her childhood in Scotland nurturing a passion for storytelling. With a background at the BBC, she ventured into writing more than 30 children's books, including beloved titles such as "Star in the Jar," "Dinosaurs United," and "The Cowardly Custard Pirates."

About the Illustrator:
Xin Li, originally from China and now residing in Oslo, Norway, brings a unique perspective to her illustrations. With a background in interaction design, she infuses her artwork with the theme of 'everyday magic,' aiming to capture the world as seen through the eyes of young children. Working across traditional and digital media, Xin's illustrations add a magical touch to "The Star Maker's Apprentice."

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