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Embark on a wild and heartwarming adventure with "Tiger Lily," a captivating picture book by award-winning author-illustrator Gwen Millward. Join Lily, a spirited little girl, and her lovable yet mischievous tiger as they venture into the untamed wilderness.

One day, Tiger convinces Lily to escape and revel in the joy of stomping, jumping, and going utterly wild together. However, as the wild escapades intensify, and Tiger's mischievous antics reach new heights, Lily begins to yearn for a tamer companion. Can Tiger be just a bit less "roarsome"?

In this enchanting blend of "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and "The Lion Inside," Gwen Millward explores the themes of big emotions and finding one's true home. "Tiger Lily" is not just a tale of escapades but a poignant exploration of the emotions faced by children in care.

This uplifting picture book serves as a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and carers, providing a sensitive approach to helping children navigate complex feelings.


About the Author: 
Gwen Millward's childhood dreams of becoming a naturalist and her early fascination with David Attenborough laid the foundation for her imaginative journey. Growing up in the heart of the Welsh countryside, she transformed her passion into an illustrious career in illustration. Studying at the Edinburgh College of Art, Gwen's love for picture books flourished. Currently residing in Bristol, she continues to weave captivating stories that resonate with readers of all ages.

  • Format/Binding: Paperback/Softcover
  • Number of pages: 32 

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