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  Recommended Age: 3 years+

Embark on a captivating journey into nature with the "Percy the Park Keeper: Nature Explorer Activity Book," a delightful creation by Nick Butterworth, both author and illustrator. This engaging autumn and winter activity book promises a wealth of enjoyment for young nature enthusiasts.

Discover the Seasons:
Delve into the wonders of autumn and winter with Percy the Park Keeper and his lovable animal companions. This activity book is an immersive guide to plants, birds, animals, insects, and more, offering an educational and entertaining exploration of the natural world.

Educational and Creative Content:
Loaded with wildlife facts, captivating photos, and nature-spotter guides, the book enhances knowledge about the environment. Exciting creative projects are included to inspire young minds, fostering a love for nature. With over four hundred stickers, the book becomes a dynamic tool for interactive learning.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun:
From indoor crafts to outdoor adventures, this activity book is designed for all-round family enjoyment. Perfect for young nature lovers, it encourages a hands-on approach to discovering the beauty of the changing seasons.

Enduring Appeal:
Percy the Park Keeper and his animal friends have been charming readers globally for over thirty years. Nick Butterworth's storytelling prowess and illustration skills have created a timeless character that continues to captivate new generations.


About the Author:
Nick Butterworth, born in London, transitioned from a career in graphic design to becoming a full-time author and illustrator. Renowned for his picture books, including award-winning titles like "The Whisperer," Nick is best known for the beloved stories of Percy the Park Keeper, selling over 9 million copies worldwide. Percy's adventures have not only enchanted readers but also translated into a television series, adding an extra layer of magic to this cherished character's legacy.

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