• Charlie Banana 3 Hemp Inserts One Size Medium/Large

Charlie Banana 3 Hemp Inserts One Size Medium/Large

Charlie Banana¨ Hemp Inserts are especially designed for parents seeking natural fibers for children in need of heavier absorption. Hemp is well-known to have those properties. These inserts have 4 layers inside Ð 2 layers of microfiber, and two layers of hemp fleece composed of 55% hemp, 45% cotton. This is a great combo because microfiber absorbs quickly and hemp can hold larger quantities of liquid.
● Superior absorbency ● Fits in Charlie Banana® 2 in 1 One Size AIO ● Natural fibers ● Reusable ● Economical

Materials / Ingredients

Face: 55% Hemp, 45% Cotton, Bottom: 88% Biconstituent Fiber (82% Polyester 18% Nylon) 12% Polyester


We recommend that you stuff your Charlie Banana® Diaper with 2 hemp inserts for longer outings, during nap time, and night time. Some children are heavier wetters than others. You can have one or two inserts in the pocket. Do not use any ointment, cream or diaper rash cream while using Charlie Banana® One Size Diapers. This will keep your inserts' absorption at maximum performance. If you have any questions about this product, please contact [email protected].

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