Done by Deer Peekaboo 2-Handle Cup - Croco - Grey


Quench Their Thirst with Croco's Charm!

Introducing the Done by Deer Peekaboo 2-Handle Cup in a delightful Croco design – making hydration a playful and enjoyable experience for your little one.

Adorable Peekaboo Design:

  • Croco playfully peeks out from the bottom of the cup, inviting your little one to take those initial sips with a touch of fun.

Perfect Size for Little Hands:

  • The two-handled cup is thoughtfully sized and weighted, providing optimal comfort for those tiny fingers learning to grasp and hold.

Safe and Durable Material:

  • Crafted from food-grade silicone, this cup is shatterproof, ensuring durability during those playful moments. It's a versatile companion, safe for the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher.

Anti-Slip and Easy-Grip:

  • Designed with practicality in mind, the cup features anti-slip and easy-grip elements, promoting independence as your little one learns to sip on their own.

Open Cup Learning:

  • Encourage independent drinking with the open cup design. The soft grey hue complements the Peekaboo tableware collection, creating a cohesive and charming dining set.

Gift-Ready Packaging:

  • Delivered in a cute and decorated gift box, this cup is not just practical but also makes for a charming present for little ones.


  • Colour: Sweet grey with cool Croco details
  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Safety: Shatterproof, dishwasher safe, suitable for oven, microwave, and freezer use

Quench their thirst with style and functionality. Choose the Done by Deer Peekaboo 2-Handle Cup featuring Croco in grey – a delightful addition to your little one's mealtime adventures!

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