• Jellycat Fun-Guy Bertie 17cm

Jellycat Fun-Guy Bertie 17cm


  Recommended Age: 0 months+

Meet your new squishy sidekick – Fun-Guy Bertie! Standing at a compact 17cm x 9cm, this lovable companion is more than just a mushroom-shaped friend; he's a cuddly delight waiting to bring joy to little ones.

  • Round and Cheery: Fun-Guy Bertie boasts a charmingly round shape, resembling a tiny oatmeal pumpkin. His bubbly personality is complemented by a squishy statement cap in bold mint fur with adorable speckles.
  • Satin Bow Elegance: Sashaying about with swishy flair, Bertie is adorned with a satin bow, adding a touch of elegance to his mushroomy charm.
  • Restful Moments: After a day of ambles and adventures, Bertie is ready for a well-deserved rest. Put up those pointy boots, and let this delightful mushroom matey flump down under a tree for a cozy nap.

Safety and Care:

  • Suitable from Birth: Designed with little ones in mind, Fun-Guy Bertie is suitable for cuddles right from birth, making him an ideal companion for babies and toddlers.
  • Sensory Delight: The incredibly soft fur of Jellycat toys provides a sensory delight for your little one, ensuring a comforting and huggable experience.
  • Easy Maintenance: Tested to and surpassing the European Safety Standard for toys, Bertie is easy to care for. Hand wash only, and avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning, or ironing. Cleaning in a washing machine is not recommended.

About Jellycat:
Established in London in 1999, Jellycat is renowned for creating quirky, original, and innovative soft toys for all ages. Each Jellycat creation is a testament to quality, featuring the cutest designs and the most luxurious fabrics and textures. From mini to really big, Jellycat offers a variety of plush toys suitable for babies, kids, and even adults. Gift a Jellycat stuffed animal, and watch it provide countless hours of soft hugs and cherished memories for years to come.

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